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Ironically Employees are Firing Employers in 2021

Every single business owner I have spoken with, from a CEO of a healthcare outfit to an owner of an excavating company, has been facing labor challenges. Many printing companies are also facing their own staffing issues and shortages. The difference for the printing industry is that employment challenges are likely not temporary (or transitory as the US Federal Reserve likes to say) but systemic.

2021 may well be remembered not for the ongoing pandemic but it’s impact on the psyche of the worker. The threat of a life-threatening virus made everyone question what is important. For many it was not the long daily commute, the water cooler banter, the stress of looming projects, or for some the lackluster pay and even greater lack of recognition. Philosophical questions emerged. What is the meaning of work? Why am I working? Can the same work be done differently? Is there work that is more appropriate, better paid, or more gratifying?

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